Bicky Mexican Menu

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The spicier, the better? Then the Bicky Mexicano is really your thing: A hearty and deliciously spiced piece of Mexicano meat, finished with the old-school Bicky ingredients. You have never experienced such an explosion of flavor!

So what makes this beloved burger more than just a burger? The secret is in the sauce, of course. Bicky burgers are topped the eponymous bicky sauces – the yellow bicky dressing, the red bicky ketchup and the brown bicky spicy sauce – which together form a holy trinity of sweet, sour and spicy. It’s garnished with fried onions and some “sweet and sour” cucumber.

40 years after its inception, finally this taste has arrived in Romania for everyone to enjoy!

This menu includes:

1 Bicky Mexican Burger (275g)
1 giant portion of Belgian fries (300g)
2 Belgian sauces of your choice (50g)
1 soft-drink or beer (330ml)

Additional information

Food weight

625 gram

Drinks volume

330 ml

Allergenes (burger)


Nutritional value (burger)

KJ: 1145
Kcal: 274
Fat: 18
Of which saturated fat: 6.8
Carbohydrates: 10.1
Of which sugars: 0.7
Protein: 19
Salt: 3.4

Nutritional value (fries)

KJ: 3439
Kcal: 822
Fat: 42.18
Of which saturated fat: 9.83
Carbohydrates: 106.98
Of which sugars: 1.74
Protein: 10.44
Salt: 4

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