every menu includes:
shape3-min shape1-min shape2-min All inclusive prices starting as low as 27.00 Lei
every menu includes:
shape3-min shape1-min shape2-min Choose 1 of the 12 unique Bicky tastes
every menu includes:
Original Belgian
shape3-min shape1-min shape2-min A gigantic portion of crispy belgian fries
every menu includes:
2 authentic belgian sauces shape3-min shape1-min shape2-min choose 2 of the available 14 different belgian sauces
every menu includes:
one softdrink
or beer
shape3-min shape1-min shape2-min choose your preferred softdrink or beer (330 ml)


We make the best burgers and fries in Bucharest

if you are hungry we have got you covered.  We at PACT, the first “cartoffiserie belgiana” of romania, know a thing or two about fries and burgers. 

PACT was initially founded by a belgian that emigrated to Romania a few years ago. Although he found plenty of shoarma-places, pizzeria’s and american fast-food chains, he did miss the authentic taste of the world renowned belgian fries and burgers: high quality meats selected carefully for quality and flavour, authentic and unique sauces that unify the crispy golden colored fries with the burgers.

Bicky burgers are the most popular and appreciated burgers in Belgium and the Netherlands. Its unique taste of a soft bun, a juicy patty, its 3 signature sauces, pickles and fried onions is second to none.

How to order?

Ordering is really easy and convenient through this site, by phone or through your favourite food-ordering app!

We here at PACT are standing by to send your delicious burgers, fries and snacks on their way to you as soon as possible. All you have to do is give us the signal. If you like to order in a more traditional way just give us a call or send us a text at +40 744 251 789!


Choose whatever you like, we will deliver it to your doorstep

delivery is free of charge for orders starting at 60.00 lei for both zones.
if you have a smaller order, a delivery cost of 4.99 lei for zone 1 and 9.99 lei for zone 2 will be applied. More info on our delivery zones can be found here.

Payment Options

No cash? No problem!

we accept online payments using any major credit/debit card and Paypal or even Bitcoin, if you do not have cash available when ordering! 


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temporarily you can only order through glovo, foodpanda and bolt food
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